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Don’t miss out on the exciting deals and promotions doTERRA has every month! Stay in the know about fun new products, creative diffuser blend ideas, and more. When you take advantage of doTERRA’s monthly deals, you can get FREE products and discounts, and save money on your favorite essential oils.


Mother's Day

Get the exclusive Mother’s Day collection—a set of floral oils as beautiful and unique as you.

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Save 10% on Yarrow|Pom

Save on Yarrow|Pom Capsules this month—your skin’s secret weapon!

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10% Off Melissa

Get 10% off Melissa, one of our most precious oils, all April long.

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Additional Promotional Materials

Find all of this month's promotional materials in one place! View and download all assets, such as diffuser blends, limited time offers, PowerPoints, FAQs, and US Spanish or Chinese materials.

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